Monday, April 14, 2014

Wildlife at Frostop!

Today on "As the Mug Turns" the wildlife of Frostop!  Goats, snakes, armadillos, horses, dogs, and cats are an odd thing to have turn up in your restaurant's parking lot but it happens, as least in Laplace it does.  Years ago, there were horses across the airline from the restaurant that would get loose and run up and down the Airline in front of us.  Very interesting to call 911 and have the operator immediately ask you, "Is this about the horses?" 

The horses are just the mere tip of the wildlife iceberg!  Many restaurants have dogs and cats dropped behind the building and we have had our share of that through the years.  We have actually gotten a few great pets that way.  But what goes beyond the normal would be snakes, goats, armadillos, and of course the horses. 

I once encountered a snake in the back hallway a few years back.  I screamed for my Dad who trapped in a pickle bucket and then he spent the afternoon showing it to customers he knew trying to identify it.  The better snake story happened last year while both my Dad and I were not here.  We were only gone 2 hours and came back to find out that a snake made it almost all the way from the back to the kitchen.  Apparently my head cook heard the other cook, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, screaming.  Her first thought was I hope she isn't in labor!  Well, she went to see and finally figured out that she was screaming SNAKE!!  My head cook managed to wrangle the snake into dust pan and set it free before we returned.

I have had the pleasure of poking at an armadillo to get it out from under my car and out of the parking lot away from customers!

The goat appearance happened twice last fall.  There are people that keep horses on the land behind Frostop.  Well, I guess they have a goat. I also now know that the goat's name is Jasper!  One day we are busy during lunch and I see my Dad leave the front and head out the door.  I asked what is he doing we are busy.  I DID NOT expect the response to be he is chasing a goat in the parking lot.  He along with a customer managed to corral it in the fenced in area next door.  About another month later Jasper was back and actually made it all the way to standing on the picnic table before my sister (who knew Jasper) took him back to his home.

You just never know what a day at "As the Mug Turns" will bring!!

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