Friday, April 4, 2014

Crap Kicked out of You......

On “As the Mug Turns” today, yes you can actually get the crap kicked out of you.  The fact I now know this statement to be true should have had me rethink the career path I picked.  Well, in all fairness every single story I have written about so far should have been a HUGE RED FLAG as to my chosen path in life.  This is truly an all-in or all out business.  It is a passion you either have or do not have.  These stories to those that love the restaurant business are just our war stories.  You better have a sense of humor or it will crush you.  With that in mind I bring you the crap kicked out of someone story. Next week a few more bathroom horror stories!  Sigh.

Ok, so there used to be a building across the Airline Highway from Frostop – it was the St. John St. Charles Club, Chez Ami, Star Light Lounge, and a furniture store from what I remember.  This would have been 1994 and it was the Star Light Lounge.  It was NOT a fancy place.  Anyway, around 4pm one afternoon a guy walked across the Airline for a burger with us.  He left a $5 tip – clearly he was DRUNK!  Later that night about 10 minutes before we closed I left to run to Blockbuster.  It was right after our 10pm closing that I came back to work to see police cars filling our parking lot.  I thought to myself what could have gone wrong in the 10 minutes I was gone.  Well…..  The guy from the bar from earlier had run across the Airline Highway and into our bathroom.  Police followed shortly after him.  So, the guy finally came out of the bathroom and my Dad goes in to check it and finds blood everywhere and soiled undies.  My Dad comes out and asks are these yours?   Of course they were his.  He had been in a fight at the bar and knowing they would take him to jail chose to run to our restaurant to remove his dirty drawers. People I can truly say I have seen it all.  Yes, indeed you can have the crap kicked right out of you.

See y’all Monday with more “As the Mug Turns” stories.


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