Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Really You are Throwing That at Me!!!

On the last episode of “As the Mug Turns”, I said I would explain just how the various items were thrown at me by customers. So here you go….
If I recall correctly, all of these happened within about a 2 year time frame – 1996-1998. Ok, first up was me getting soaked by 24 ounces of root beer. During the summer, back when we were open at night, we fought little bugs outside that were attracted t...o the lights. On our end of town we are about the only thing this bright so we are like Disney World to these bugs. We even had fans installed above the windows to try to keep them outside. Fans and all we still had to go outside a few times a night to wipe the counter down. Well, I sent one of the kids outside to do just that. Next thing I know the kid is back inside saying the woman cursed her out claiming she pushed the bugs on her on purpose. I had waited on her a few minutes before and she was not very pleasant. Well, I am not about to let someone curse out a 16 year old employee. I open the window and explain we do not tolerate her behavior and language and refund her money. Now, let me go back and mention I had already served her a large root beer. She then proceeds to throw the drink in my face and curse me out. She also managed to get root beer on the next customer. I so DID NOT see that coming. Police came and both I and the other customer who witnessed the incident explained what happened. In the end we could not press charges because the woman claimed the kid assaulted her with a bug. Really?
The next drink thrown at me was because after 3 attempts to make a man’s burger as well done as possible (short of actually cremating it I could do no more) I finally just gave him his money back. Seconds later I was wearing his Sprite that had been in his mug. Way to man up fellow!!
The shake and shrimp burger were both the same person and actually neither got on me. Just in case you ever want to throw something the soft drink makes a bigger impact! The shake is just too thick and I am fast enough to avoid a shrimp burger.
Finally, the story you have all been waiting for – the unused tampon used as a projectile. I can still see these two winners as clear as it was yesterday. How do I put this delicately? The not so classy woman was not wearing underwear and we could all see this. GROSS. They must have been high a kites too. So it is a Friday night and I have a dining room full of families. Luckily none of them were seated where they could see what the crew in the front could. But what they could see was the classless couple all over each other. Finally, I went out to the dining room and quietly asked them to leave. They had finished eating by then. They walked out the door and I thought it was over. Next thing I know the man opens the window and throws the unused, THANK GOODNESS, tampon at me. The one good thing that came out of was a customer came up to me before he and his family left to compliment me on how I handled the situation. Honestly this was a story that you had to be here to really get. It was the kind of night that if you were here you would NEVER forget.

On the next episode of "As the Mug Turns", the Norman Bates - Psycho - go back to the car mother- small Pepsi please- scared us all to death story. Until then STAY CLASSY people!!

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