Friday, April 11, 2014

No Sign for Stupid

Today on "As the Mug Turns", there is no sign for stupid.  We had video poker from 1994 - 2008.  It certainly brought in the money in the beginning,but it also brought in some strange people.  We constantly had to babysit the strange cast of characters that played.  Some people would insist on only playing with $1 bills but playing hundreds of them as if they weren't spending as much.  We had people bring kids and grandkids while playing and let them run wild.  Yes, they were asked to leave! Once we had a "couple" that thought we couldn't see them and would make out in the poker booth.  Duh, folks there is a camera right above your head and it is recorded.  My Dad told them that the video was monitored by the State Police.  We never saw them again.  Something tells me they were married but NOT to each other!

The best was a couple we had one Sunday afternoon.  They came in to play poker and immediately were annoying.  They started with why don't we have free food and beer for them since they were playing like at the casino.  Uh, because we are NOT a casino.  I was already annoyed with them when I looked up to see the man standing on the bar stool in the poker booth fooling with the ac vent.  We kept it closed so that it did not drip condensation on the poker machines.  I go into the booth and ask him to get down.  He proceeds to tell me we should have a sign saying you can't stand on the chair. That was the last straw for me.  I told him we also should have a sign for no idiots so that people like him didn't get in the building.  I then asked them to leave.  I am still shaking my head to this day

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