Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How It All Started.....

My family owns a Frostop Drive In Restaurant.  My Grandfather built it in 1958 as an investment and my Dad took it over in 1973.  Since then the restaurant has been owned and operated by my family.  In the early 1980's a worker came up with the phrase, "As the Mug Turns" to describe day to day work and stories at our Frostop.  Recently, I started telling some of the old stories on Facebook.  The first post:
Love the question "Do you have root beer?" No, that GIANT rotating neon sign that has root beer on it is merely an illusion. This moment has been brought to you by "As the Mug Turns". Tune in for tomorrow's episode - "Is the grilled chicken salad grilled or fried?"
And with that post, the "As the Mug Turns" blog was born.

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