Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ordering Food Should NOT be That Difficult!

On today's "As the Mug Turns", ordering food should NOT be that difficult!  I often hear people complain about the stupid people that take their food order at restaurants.  Well, sometimes folks the stupid is on the other side of the counter trust me! We often say taking an order is sometimes like pulling teeth.  A customer telling us they want a Lot-O-Burger could mean that they want just a burger or a combo.  We are just supposed to know.  Granted that exchange should have them telling me if they want it dressed, with or without cheese, fries or onion rings, and what kind of drink do they want.  I guess we are just supposed to know!  If someone were to tell you I just want mayonnaise on my sandwich what would you think?  If you assume that they only want mayo you may or may not be correct.  Sometimes the genius is telling you by saying mayo only they don't want mustard.  YES I KNOW THAT IS STUPID.  I have had people tell me they want their burger plain.  So we make it plain, meat and bread, and then get yelled at because they wanted pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce.  How is that plain?  The answer to do you want cheese on the burger is often met with a blank stare or the wrong response repeatedly.  For example, do you want cheese on that.  Their answer I want a coke or I want fries.  Sigh.  The question gets repeated until I am given the correct answer.  Surprisingly I have not strangled anyone yet over this.

In addition to our counter inside, we have 3 windows outside all are clearly labeled - Order Here, Pick Up, and Phone Orders.  I particularly like the customers that literally plaster their face to the Pick Up window and wonder why no one is taking their order.  It is also always fun to have a customer ask for a paper menu and watch them read it RIGHT in front of the menu on the window in front of them. 

Another problem is the inability of people to read and comprehend.  I will watch people read the menu for over 5 minutes and then proceed to order things that simply DO NOT exist on the menu.  I want a large fry or onion ring is typical.  We clearly only have one size.  We have a large and a small burger, but we often have people ask for the medium burger.  Really?

This "As the Mug Turns", will be continued with more ordering stories soon!!

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