Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If You Call in Sick - Hide!

On today's "As the Mug Turns", what happens when you call in sick and are NOT sick AND we catch you!  Ok, I am certain the number of times employees have called in sick over the years and were NOT sick probably greatly outweighs the times that they were actually sick.  A personal favorite is when an employee asks for off and we need them that day so they simply get a horrible illness that day instead.  Of course calling in sick is better than many that just don't show up. 

Well, you would think that the story I am about to tell you made me angry.  Oddly enough it mad me laugh when I should NOT have laughed and is one of my favorite memories.  I won't use his name but if he wants to confess to it he should feel free!!  Ok, the employee calls in sick on a Friday afternoon.  Great we are shorthanded - nothing new.  Later my sister who worked at LaPlace Elementary stopped by Frostop. She asked why we were shorthanded and we told her our employee called in sick.  She said that she had just passed his house and he was out washing his car.  REALLY?!?  So my Dad calls his house and gets his Mom on the phone.  She said he was out for the night and had no idea.  So wow he was busted.  What I did NOT expect was to come into work the next morning and find a note the employee wrote apologizing for what he had done.  I was FLOORED.  In all of the years and all of the employees that had NEVER happened.  You would not believe how many parents would lie for their kids.  Poor thing came into work that next morning and you could tell he was tired - I bet he didn't sleep much.  I avoided him as much as I could because what I wanted to do was laugh.  I could not be angry with him even if I tried.

So thanks for the laugh that day and every time I have thought about it since!  Tomorrow on "As the Mug Turns", employees stealing what isn't nailed down.

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