Thursday, April 17, 2014

If It Isn't Nailed Down....

On today's "As the Mug Turns", If It Isn't Nailed Down....the employees version.  Well I have already brought up the customer version of this and now it is time for the things that go missing from employees!  It seems through the years a few employees have used us as their one stop shopping  I think that they thought we were FrostMart.  We have had anything from toilet paper (really if you needed it that bad just ask) all they way to an entire case of shrimp and just about anything in between.

There are the obvious incidents like taking a case of shrimp.  There are also the not so obvious like either giving away food or charging the customer and then pocketing the money.  All of these things led to cameras and having to staple the ticket from the register showing an order was rung up.  Even with all of that things go missing.  A few years back I could not figure out where the red beans were going.  I knew what would were selling and it didn't add up.  After an employee didn't work here anymore it dawned on me she was taking it outside and bringing it home at night.

I am sure there are plenty more things that don't know about.  I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss but for goodness sake just ask for the toilet paper!

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