Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Customers From Hell....

Today on “As the Mug Turns”, I bring to you crazy customer stories. There are SO many of these it will be its own little mini- series. Thanks to some of the “kids” that used to work here for reminding me of some of these gems. From the lady that claimed she had a baby in her purse, to the my fish be stank lady, and all these insanity in between. I will share 3 gems with you today.
One busy Satu...rday a woman that I will say politely seemed a bit off came in and ordered a burger combo. She said her “man” was outside and he would be in to pay. I figured I would get the money by the time I served it. Not quite, I went to serve it and no money no food. Well she starts screaming at the top of her lungs that she had a baby in her bag. Wait what you ask? So of course the police are called. There was NO baby. They made her leave. There was NO man.
One weekend I was away at a wedding and came home to this lovely story. A man had ordered a burger with bacon. He called back ranting and raving that we did not put the bacon. He comes back causing a commotion and the police were called. Before the police got here he opened up the burger and smeared it all over the window. The BACON then fell off. He left without another word before the police arrived.
My final story for this Friday is the “my fish be stank” woman. She had a problem EVERY time she ate here. Well she gets her catfish on toast, leaves, and returns with a piece of the crust of the bread. There is it nothing else left and claims at the top of her lungs the fish be stank. Yes, clearly it was so horrible you managed to eat the entire thing except for the tiny piece of crust. Hello police called. They told me she was banned from most restaurants in LaPlace.
The answer to the how many times have I had things thrown at me is 5 – two soft drinks, one shake, one shrimp burger, and one unused tampon. Just how those things happened on Monday!

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