Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Norman Bates?

Today on “As the Mug Turns”, the story that I am surprised doesn’t still give me nightmares. This story goes all the way back to a Saturday in the spring of 1987. I am working the front with Paul Lowry and he leaves me in the front to go t...o clean tables in the dining room. At this point a regular customer comes to the window and to say he was acting strange was an understatement. Before continuing, I must point out that I had just seen the movie Psycho a week before this incident. The customer, normally a VERY mild mannered man, starts yelling at his mother, “go back to the car Mother” in a way that sounded to my 16 year old ears just like Norman Bates. I leave the front unattended and go to get Paul. I mean I ran to the dining room and grabbed him and said come up front NOW. I am already freaked out at this point. Next up the guy asks for his “small Pepsi please”, he always said that. I have no idea which one of us got it for him, but he proceeds to crush the cup in his hand – drink everywhere. He then manages to start to eat the dollar bills in his hand. Once again, have no idea who called my Dad. By the time he showed up the guy was in convulsions outside. Paul and I are completely freaked out, Betty, behind us, is worried too, and the best was the electrician Trevor Taylor from Jamaica who I swear to goodness turned white while this was happening. Well my Dad comes from home and manages to get the money out of the guy’s mouth. The police and Baloney’s ambulance show up. We later found out he had diabetes and didn’t take his insulin. The EMT’s gave Jimmie a lecture about sticking his hand in a stranger’s mouth (remember this was 1986). Paul and I, of course, had to tell everyone this at school on Monday!!
Tomorrow on “As the Mug Turns”, I will go back to more funny stories!

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