Thursday, April 10, 2014

There is NO Stealing at Frostop!!

Today on “As the Mug Turns”, we need to nail it down so they don’t steal it.  It clearly seems that back in the day people really liked to steal Frostop mugs with the logo.  I mean there are many people with one or two old mugs in their possession.  I see them at flea markets from time to time and on ebay.  We even sold some with our LaPlace Frostop logo from 1993 – 2004. But the majority of mugs were stolen.  I went to someone’s house years ago and they proudly opened up a cabinet FULL of old mugs.  I think the only thing I said was wow.  I was thinking to myself – they have more old mugs than we have!  It also made me wonder how they would feel if I opened and entire cabinet of stuff I stole from them and proudly showed it off to them.   Also, one night in 1994 a customer told me that a group of guys had walked out with mugs hidden so that we didn’t see.  Well, I of course, ran out into the parking lot and asked for the mugs back.  They looked at me like I was insane until 2 of the guys that worked for me (big guys) followed me out.  I was handed back the mugs immediately!

In addition to mugs, dishes, silverware, ketchup, salt & pepper shakers, Lucky Dog painting, and the speaker from outside have been stolen.  The speakers that we call numbers on outside had been here as long as we can remember but sometime in the months after Katrina it disappeared.  We went to call out a number and guess what just wires are hanging out there.  Really?  The police said guys put them under the hood of the car for sound.  Ok so we replace the speaker and it is stolen again.  At this point my Dad is putting the speaker up every morning and taking it down every night.  Yes, there were mornings he forgot till the first number was called!  Well he forgets to take it down one night and boom stolen again.  It was at that point we had a special cage built to cover the speaker and it is bolted to the canopy.  Problem solved.  I wanted to rig it to shock someone if they stole it but apparently that is illegal.  Don’t get me started on that matter!

The funniest incident of stealing was late one night shift.  As a bunch of teenagers were leaving I went to clean their table and noticed that everything was missing – the napkin holder, salt, pepper, ketchup, and hot sauce.  I was fast enough to get their license plate as they drove off.  My Dad had a local deputy run the plate and we got a number.  It was a home in Metairie.  So, my Dad calls the house and gets the Dad on the phone and explains the situation.  The man says he had been out of town and would look around the house.  Sure enough the entire set of stolen stuff was on his table at home.  He apologized and brought back the stuff!!  He even stuck around to talk to my Dad for an hour. 

The lesson here folks is don’t steal from us and if you do steal from us DO NOT let us catch you!

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