Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Happened to the Bathroom?

On today's "As the Mug Turns", bathroom horror stories.  This one leaves me shaking my head for sure!  The majority of these stories occurred in the mid 1990's.  I have NO idea why in that particular time frame people had such difficulty with using something that most toddlers master.  There were a few explosions - I WILL NOT go into detail let me just say I DO NOT pay anyone enough money to clean that up.  Yipee that means the task falls to me.  I am left with HOW IN THE HELL does that happen.?!? 

Then there was the woman that came to the counter to tell us she witnessed a woman tell her kid to just use the bathroom in the hallway.  Really was she raised by wolves?  Sigh.

But by far the BEST or WORST was the guy we called the pukemeister.  EVERY single time he came in he managed to vomit in the sink in the bathroom.  No idea why other than he was crazy.  I mean the toilet and the sink are VERY close.  There is NO way it was an innocent mistake every single time.  Yes, we cleaned it up and never said a word.  I mean how would one go about bringing that up exactly.  "Excuse me could you please refrain from being a pain in the rear and puke in the toilet bowl like a civilized human being."

Also, how many times do you flush a toilet that doesn't go down on the first flush?  One, two, three, or till you are standing in water up to your ankles?!?

Yes, I may have gotten to meet some celebrities and appear on Memphis Beat (way cool) but I also get to clean a FUNKY bathroom from time to time.  See you tomorrow with another "As the Mug Turns" story.

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