Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The End of Video Poker....

On today's "As the Mug Turns", how we got rid of video poker and almost got hauled off to jail!!  Let's go back to getting video poker in the first place.  We finally got the poker machines in 1994 after first getting a beer license and then the poker license.  You have to be fingered printed and apparently the prints were done wrong in LaPlace so my parents and I went to the State Police headquarters in Baton Rouge to do them a second time.  The trooper doing them seemed surprised we knew what we were doing and asked if we had been fingerprinted before with a puzzled look on his face.  Yes, in fact, we have been - just incorrectly.

In the years that we had the machines, there was crazy paperwork and once we had to actually prove we were a restaurant.  Seriously, can't you just send someone in here to look?  I had to send an entire years worth of bills and a menu.  What a brilliant use of my time and someone at the state level. 

We were always on top of things making sure that people didn't go into the booth with kids.  Honestly we never had a problem with underage people playing.  So we have the machines from 1994 until 2008 with NO problems.  Well in November of 2008, the state police sent in an underage person to play and we didn't catch them. Obviously the girl didn't look young but it was what it was.  We immediately said we wanted the machines out.  They didn't make much anymore and were a hassle.  My Dad pulled the plug.  The video poker company said you can't do that.  So they were plugged in and an out of order sign went up until the could be officially turned off.  Well the day they were set to be turned off was on a Monday that happened to be Veteran's Day so we would wait one more day.  Of all the days in all of the years we had them on THAT day 2 troopers come in to check the machines.  My parents and I told them what happened and how upset we were.  We did not raise our voices and of course no profanities were used.  The troopers left and the next day the video poker guy told us the troopers said we were VERY close to being arrested.  Seriously?  Can you see my Mom, Dad, and I being carted off to jail?  Well, we do know how to be fingerprinted!!  Just another day of "As the Mug Turns" the Cops version!!

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