Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So You Want me Dead....

Today on “As the Mug Turns”, I can have you killed for $50.  Yes, odd as it may seem my life has been threatened a few times at work.  Once by a former worker’s sister who lived in the apartments near Frostop.  She was on drugs at the time and I asked her to leave the parking lot.  She has since cleaned up her act but will not wait on her to this day.  I am funny that way, you know not forgetting someone wanting you dead and all.

The big story is the “I can have you killed for $50”, was directed at my Mom, Dad, and I back in the summer of 1997.  I was actually at home and got the call from one of the kids working to get to Frostop quick.  I ran to work!  A VERY irate man was ranting that he had given a $100 bill for change to play poker.  Well, the drawer had nothing bigger than a $50 in it so clearly he did not give what he thought, either he was mistaken or was lying.  He would NOT accept he was wrong.  It was so bad that instead of taking the time to call 911, I simply hit the panic button on the alarm panel.  It was before the police arrived that he popped out with, “I can have y’all killed for $50”.  We were obviously rattled.  The police got there and took him away.  Later my Dad pressed charges for disturbing the peace.   Clearly it disturbed us at the time.  I was scared enough to spend the night in Baton Rouge that evening!  Looking back now we do laugh that all three of us were only worth $50!! 


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