Monday, April 7, 2014

The "Hostage" Situation!

Today on "As the Mug Turns" I bring you he "Hostage" situation.  One thing that can be certain at the 'Top and it is nothing can be certain.  This night is one for the record books.  I can still see bits of it when I close my eyes all these years later.  It was a routine night shift in the fall of 1996.  Back then we closed at 10pm so I assume it was between 9pm and 10pm because both my Dad and I were at work.  Suddenly police start pulling up across the street at the furniture store.  Yes, the same building that played a role in the crap kicked out of someone story.  FYI, the building was torn down in 2001! 

Next thing you know our parking lot is filled with police cars as well.  We are told to close and NO one could leave.  Luckily we only had one couple in the dining room at the time.  We are told that there is a hostage situation at the store across from us.  REALLY?  It was unclear as to why police ended up there but a man had shot at them from inside and he had a hostage. So, we get everything cleaned up and then watch the situation unfold.  Swat teams start to assemble around our building.  We hear them on the bullhorn, "come out with your hands up". Side note - I got a call from the guy I was seeing at the time and I told him I couldn't talk because there was a hostage situation across the airline.  I am sure to this day he thought I was lying!! Finally after a few hours they escorted the couple that was left out of the building and a few of our workers.  The rest of us were watching and playing travel Trouble.  (I bought it for the rare occasion when the lights go out - always fun). 

 After a few hours, they resolved the situation.  How?  There was never a hostage - just a paranoid guy with a gun.  It never made the papers or TV from what I found.  I think it was all a big mistake but it made for a great "As the Mug Turns" story!


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